All Kinds of Angel Eyes from $18/Set.

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Crystal Angel Eyes SINCE 2015 FOR BMW

3 Options: White/Dual White-Yellow/RGB

E90 E92 F30 E36/E38/E39/E46 Projector

E46 Non Projector/E46 Coupe

E46 Sedan Facelift

Cotton Angel Eyes SINCE 2015

3 Options:White/Dual White-Yellow/RGB

Fit BMW, VW, Ford, Volvo, Opel, Toyota, Fiat, Mazda, Lada, Mitsubishi, Hyundai...

LB2019 COB Angel Eyes SINCE 2014

2 Options: Cold/Warm White Color

Fit BMW E46 Projector/BMW E46 Non Projector

LB2019 SMD RGB and RGBW Angel Eyes SINCE 2012

Multiple color modes freely switch

Fit for 58 famous brand car models

RGB with or without cover optional

RGBW> Buy >

LED Head Marker FOR BMW

40 Kinds of LED Angel Eyes Head Marker

from 3W Up to 80W

For CCFL Angel Eyes, usually it needs to light it up for a while, then it can reach the best brightness and keep it, and the luminance is a little weak than COB or SMD, but CCFL Angel Eyes Still is the cheapest choise for modifying an angel eye if you are a tiro or you want to fit for halogen lamp not LED headlight.

CCFL Angel Eyes SINCE 2008

White or Yellow Color, More Colors for customizing Orders

60 Kinds of Combinations Satisfy over more than 100 Car Models