How to Open the Headlights
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How to Open the Car Headlights in Simple Way, don't need an oven, just need a heat gun and a carton box.
How to Open the Car Headlights in Simple Way
The best way to open the headlights is using an oven, if you don't have one, you can make a simple one, you have a heat gun, so please find a carton box fit for the headlight, leave a small round hole at the corner fit for the port of your heat gun, put the headlights into it with a stand to ensure the air circulation, put your heat gun into the hole, steaming it for 10 to 15 minutes usually, according to how big your box is and the power of your head gun, heat and check it until the black glue is soft and you can open the headlight with a crowbar or other small tool, make sure don't break the headlights, you need to prepare some new black glue to seal it back if you want to modify the angel eyes.

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